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Brabantia provides a range of extremely popular high quality wholesale housewares for retailers with three main focus areas, these being trash cans, laundry products and catering products. Brabantia is most well known in the USA for high quality ironing boards and trash cans, but our range goes far beyond these two key product areas.

Brabantia’s range of laundry products also includes various rotary dryer models and drying racks, including the popular wall mounted drying rack – WallFix. There are a number of products included in our premium quality catering range, including coffee capsule dispensers, roll top and fall front bread boxes and most popularly our glass cookie jars.

You can view a range of products from our retail housewares supplies in the carousel at the bottom of this page.

How Brabantia can help you:

FlatBack+ Trash CanThere are a number of areas where Brabantia can help retailers in the USA overcome issues that they may face within the industry. One of the biggest issues faced by retailers is that of stock control and the cost of out of stock products. Billions of dollars are lost in the retail industry each year because of stock outs, Brabantia can help eliminate these losses through the use of our dropship service – where customers order through your online store and Brabantia fulfills the delivery using your branding.

A further issue faced by US retailers is that of showrooming, where consumers intentionally browse products in-store and then make their purchase online. To help mitigate the impact of showrooming on retailers, Brabantia offer stimulating POS displays and visual merchandising to inform consumers’ buying choices and provide a greater in-store experience.

Brabantia can also help retailers to increase customer loyalty and customer retention levels through the use of a dedicated sales team who can work with retailers to identify which products would be best suited to their consumers.

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