Improving customer loyalty in housewares retail

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Improve customer loyalty with exclusive products and offers

With the internet encouraging shoppers to compare offers, knowing exactly what your consumers want has never been more important.

Ensuring that your customers are satisfied is of huge importance to retailers for a number of reasons, not least the fact that the average value of a lost customer in the USA is $243*. It has also been stated that improving customer retention levels by just 5% can result in profit increases of between 25-95% and that attracting a new customer is five times as costly as it is to keep existing customers*. Exclusive products and offers can help increase levels of customer retention and loyalty, which in turn can save retailers money.

42% of B2C customers purchased more regularly from a business after a good experience** whilst 82% of consumers said they stopped dealing with a business after a bad experience***. These figures highlight the importance of improving customer loyalty for retailers.

How Brabantia can help you:

We have a dedicated specialist sales team who have a vast depth of knowledge around our extensive product range. Our sales team will also work with you to help identify which products will be best suited to your market and ultimately your consumers. Of course should you wish to request a tailored product, such as a unique color or fitness, our team will help discuss how this could be created exclusively for you.

Trust is the key factor on which customer loyalty is built and, as a result, your reputation depends on which products you recommend and sell to them. Brabantia has a 30-year track record as a leading housewares brand with high consumer awareness and as a trusted partner to retailers of all sizes – from independent stores to major chains.

Though getting your offer exactly right is challenging we actively work with you to help achieve this. Thanks to Brabantia’s large Multi-Category Range we can discuss advantages of scale on large orders as well as the reduced administrative cost and time implications that come from dealing with a single trusted supplier.

If you would like to find out more about our Sales Team support or Rebates, please complete the sales enquiry form.

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