Creating an engaging in-store experience with Brabantia POS visual merchandising

Brabantia Visual Merchandising

Develop your customer engagement and inform buying choices

As disposable income for consumers becomes continually less, it is now more important than ever to engage with consumers and help inform their purchase decisions.

The number of customers ‘showrooming’ is on the rise, with 85% of people admitting that they have intentionally browsed products at a store*, but then made the final purchase online. It has also been found that almost 66% of all decisions to buy something are made while people are in the store shopping**, this highlights the importance of getting the customers attention. Brabantia can help you reduce the impact of showrooming and help encourage shopper to buy in the shop by creating an engaging in-store experience through the use of POS displays and visual merchandising.

How Brabantia can help you:

Brabantia-PackagingWith the increase in the number of consumers who are ‘showrooming’ nowadays, many retailers are looking at how they can limit the potential loss of revenue, consumers and market share that can arise from this. Brabantia can help retailers to create a more engaging in-store experience which will help to stimulate consumers’ senses through the use of Point of Sale displays, visual merchandising and advice. Our new inspiring packaging also helps to make the ordinary extraordinary.

We know that it can be highly time-consuming to train your staff about all of the products that you sell. That’s why Brabantia have a dedicated specialist sales team who will keep in contact with you on a regular basis and helping you to quickly respond to any changes in the market.

The dedicated specialist sales team will also help to train your staff about the Brabantia products that you stock, which will help to improve your sales conversion and drive further business growth. They will become experts in our exciting new product features, contemporary color palettes and lovely details. Our customer service team maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating and help to provide on and off-line support with after-sales guarantees and product advice.

If you would like to discuss our Point of Sale support or find out more about visual merchandising, please complete theĀ sales enquiry form.

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* Source: Statista
**Source: Shopify

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